The next Water2REturn events that may interest you

The upcoming months are full of interesting events in the sectors of circular economy, biorefineries, phosphorus recycling, fertilizers, etc. For that reason, W2R consortium has packed its bags and organized a complete agenda to participate in them. We show you our itinerary waiting to share with you the most interesting of each of them.

ENCO will join to the SABANA workshop (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain – 18th October 2018). SABANA project (Sustainable Algae Biorefinery For Agriculture and Aquaculture) has as  main objective to develop a large-scale integrated microalgae-based biorefinery for the production of biostimulants, biopesticides and feed additives, biofertilizers and aquafeed, achieving a zero-waste process at a demonstration scales up to 5 ha sustainable both environmentally and economically. In this context they have organized this event to increase the cooperation with other H2020 projects working on similar topics. The main outcomes will be the increase projects' visibility, the identification of possible common activities in order to avoid overlapping and the identification of synergies.

KIMITEC will present once more the Water2REturn project at the next edition of Fruit Attraction (International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry), which will take place the 23rd - 25th  October, 2018 in Madrid, Sapin. This fair is one of the most important international trade shows for the fruit and vegetable industry. Within this event, KIMITEC will participate in the EXPERT TALKS consisting of brief meetings with the most recognized experts in sustainable agriculture, digital transformation, water management, distribution and innovation. The last year, KIMITEC also participated with an impressive stand at the trade fair where showed some of their most important projects and products, being one of them, Water2REturn.

The 4th  Ibero-American Congress on Refineries will be celebrated on 24th – 26th October, 2018 in Jaén, Spain, where UCA (University of Cádiz) has been invited to present two poster communications about Water 2REturn project.  This event is organized by the Ibero-American Society for the Development of Biorefining (SIADEB) and constitutes an opportunity to acquire new knowledge about the developments that are taking place in the refineries sector, both in Europe and in America, as well as an occasion for networking.

UECVB will participate in ECOMONDO 2018 green technology expo (Rimini, Italy – 6th – 9th November 2018). ECOMONDO is the annual leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo, an international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors related circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development. This year there will be a dedicated stand for EU projects where they will be also presented, aiming this way to create interest for the stakeholders. The projects that will be shown there are those managed by the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). The ECOMONDO 2018's edition will focus on the reuse and valorisation of organic and non-organic waste, alternative raw materials and industrial eco-design, the rehabilitation of contaminated areas and the bio-economy.

In addition, in the context of ECOMONDO expo, ALGEN will attend the 3rd European Nutrient Event (ENE3), will be organized by the European Sustainable Phosphorous Platform (ESPP) on 8th9th of November, 2018. This third edition will focus on the phosphorus recycling which includes the latest news of technology, R&D perspective and regulation. The European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform and several member states are promoting and regulating phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater and other waste and residue biomass flows. ALGEN will present Water2REturn project, and will also lead a round table on wastewater treatment. BIOAZUL already participated in the last edition (ENE2), that took place in Basel, Switzerland on  October 2017 where Water2Return project was presented.

UCA will also attend the 6th Spanish Composting Network Conference 2018, which will take place on 14th – 16th November, 2018 in Valencia, Spain. This network is an association that comprises activities related to R&D&I in the field of sustainable management of organic waste developed in Spain by Universities, Technology Centres and Companies. This year’s edition name is “Integral management of organic waste: launching the circular economy to society”. Its aim of this is to analyse, from different perspectives, the integral use of waste as an essential requirement to achieve and implement a true circular economy model. UCA will showcase there the poster communications developed about Water2REturn project.

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