Water2REturn Final Conference: nutrients recovery in the meat industry

Last 21st of March 2022, the European Landowners' Organization (ELO) organized with the rest of the partners of the consortium the Water2REturn Final Conference during the Forum for the Future of Agriculture, an open dialogue event for the agriculture and the environment.

The conference was followed by 55 people where the partners presented the main outputs pf the project and discussed on integrated nutrients recovery from wastewater, organic fertilizers, and biostimulant products.

The event was opened by Daniel Monteleone, project officer at ELO, who welcome all the attendees and makes an presented the agenda of the conference. After him, Pilar Zapata, general coordinator of Water2REturn and senior R&D project manager at Bioazul, made an introduction of the project and presented how works the W2R system.

Atfer this intervention was the turn of David Haigh, R&D project manager at Agoindustrial Kimitec SL, who presented how is the proccess of nutrients recovery at Water2REturn and the manufacturing of the agronomics products. Later Gulgan Acar from 2B explained what consists on the methodology of Life Cicle Assesment and how it is applied to Water2REturn. She also presented in exclusive the Layman's Report, a non-scientific explanation of the project that will be available soon on the website.

Marco de la Feld, innovation manager of UECBV, was the next speaker who talked about the impact of Water2REturn for the industrial sector and also contributed with some figures about the production of meat worldwide. Afterwards, Laia Llenas, deputy director at BETA Technological Center, presented the FERTIMANURE project as an exapmple of another initiative which works on innovative nutrient recovery from animal manure. The last speaker was Daniel Monteleone from ELO who explained the impact of the project in the agricultural sector.

During this event the second video ofifcial of Water2REturn was presented.The conference finalised with a round of questions where all the participants could asked to the spekears all their doubts about the project. The consoirtum of Water2REturn is very happy with the geat acceptance of the conferense and also invite you to the he Exhibition Hall of the Forum for Future of Agriculture at ELO stand “Circular Economy and water projects that will take place next March 29th.


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