Mediterranean workshop 2017 water2return poster

Mediterranean workshop in Naples, a meeting point to identify opportunities and propose new initiatives for sustainable development

Mediterranean workshop 2017 water2return dissemination material

The Mediterranean workshop has been held on October 23rd-24th 2017, at Federico II University’s Congress Centre, within Saints Marcellino and Festo monumental complex in the historical centre of Naples, Italy. It was organised by the University of Naples Federico II, University of Naples L’Orientale, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, University of Salerno, University of Sannio, University Telematica eCampus, SVIMEZ (Association Sviluppo del Mezzogiorno), CNR (National Research Council), INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics) – Section of Naples, Fondazione IDIS - Città della Scienza, Science and School Association.

The co-organisation of the event has been carried out by Regione Campania, Regione Campania SI2 (Start-up, Internationalisation, Innovation) and Sviluppo Campania, co-funded by the European Union in the frame of the “Plan of Action for Research, Development, Innovation and ICT” POR CAMPANIA FESR 2014-2020 OT1 - Research and Innovation of the Italian Republic.

The workshop program was basically focused on presenting the best practices and projects carried out in four thematic areas:

  • Mobility in training, industrial innovation and business creation;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Cultural heritage;
  • Logistics and marine strategy.Mediterranean workshop 2017 water2return poster

Each panel addressed significant challenges bringing together key players intended to stimulate participants to explore strategies and projects. Presentations were held on the innovative ecosystem and opportunities of economic and social development in the Mediterranean area with the scope to identify opportunities and raise new initiatives for a coherent development. In the framework of the event, ENCO presented the Water2REturn poster in line with the themes of the RIS3 (Regional  Intelligent Specialization Strategy) Campania. The poster has been exposed during the entire course of the event. Brochures have also been disseminated.

The workshop has had an international relevance, with the participation of delegates of international associations, university professors, representatives of the world of professions and industry, financial institutions, students from different Mediterranean countries (Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, France, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey). About 120 people and 57 invited and selected speakers participated in the event. In addition, 4 press representatives took part in the workshop.

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