Water2REturn press clipping

Pilar Zapata (Bioazul) presents Water2REturn
Water2Return, una de las buenas prácticas de la Conferencia EIP Water
Clipping de prensa de Water2REturn


Since Water2Return started in 2017, it has appeared in some news of the European Commission website. Here you can read short summary of them:

20/05/2019- World Circular Economy Forum 2019

The World Circular Economy Forum was held on June in Helsinki where the most inspiring projects that are working towards the transition to a circular economy were presented. Water2REturn appeared as one of the solutions that contribute to circular economy.


09/10/2018 – ECOMONDO 2018

The European Commission took 40 EU-funded projects to Ecomondo – the annual trade fair for the green and circular economy – to show how EU-funding helps circular economy become a reality with concrete projects on the ground. Water2Return was chosen as one of the projects based on circular economy solutions.


16/07/2018 - Promoting market-ready water innovations – Investors’ café

The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) organised a competition about the best project pitch. Besides the ten pitching innovators, other 18 projects participated in the Investors’ café where they show-cased their innovation via a poster session. Water2REturn was one the projects presented.


11/07/2017 – EIP Water Innovation Conference 2017

A Water2Return poster was presented during the EIP Water Conference titled "Boosting Research and Innovation in the Water Sector: The Impact of EU-funded actions". Participants in different EU programmes and initiatives shared their achievements and experiences.


10/05/17 – World Circular Economy 2017

The European Commission is organised a networking event for EU-funded projects and companies at the World Circular Economy Forum’17. During the event Water2REturn was presented as a new circular economy project funded through the EU's Horizon 2020 programme.


10/05/2017 - € 184 million of Horizon 2020 funding for 23 environment & resources projects

Water2REturn was selected as one of 23 projects that received around €184 million under Horizon 2020's Societal Challenge "Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials".