W2R Synergies & Connections

One of Water2Return’s purpose is to create new synergies & connections with similar European projects.

The final objective is to foster the cooperation among the actors involved in the wastewater sector and related issues, to avoid the overlapping of information, as well as to spread the results achieved so far, and finally to develop a strategy for the future projects sustainability.

Water2REturn and the connected projects share the principle of circularity as the core activities for their future development. Particularly, they have been identified and they will be developed new synergies with the following projects:

INCOVER, accomplished in July 2019, it has been designed to move wastewater treatment from being primarily a sanitation technology towards a bio-product recovery industry and a recycled water supplier. A wastewater specific Decision Support System methodology has been tailored to the INCOVER technologies and provide data and selection criteria for a holistic wastewater management approach.   Find out more ( ).


NEWFERT, accomplished in December 2018, it has been focused on a viable and cost-effective industrial nutrient recycling scheme, developing new biorefining technologies aimed at increasing nutrient recovery ratios and mitigating environmental and socio-economical impact of the current fertilisers by replacing non renewable and fossil nutrients with biobased materials in their composition. It aimed to decrease raw material dependency, prevent resource depletion and reduce the environmental impact increasing significantly the Fertiliser industry sustainability.

Find out more ( )


AFTERLIFE ongoing project, which proposes a flexible, cost- and resource-efficient process framed in the zero-waste and circular economy approach for the recovery and valorization of the relevant fractions from wastewater. The first step of such process is an initial step consisting of a cascade of membrane filtration units for the separation of the totally of solids in wastewater. Then, the concentrates recovered in each unit will be treated to obtain high-pure extracts and metabolites or, alternatively, to be converted into value-added biopolymers (polyhydroxyalkanoates). Moreover, the outflow of the process is an ultra-pure water stream that can be directly reused. Find out more ( )


RECOVER has been launched in June 2020 under the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking Horizon 2020, being innovative performing solution for the contamination of agro-fields and the transformation of Agri-food Plastic waste into bio fertilizers.

One online Workshop regarding the wastewater treatment and fertilizes production sectors will be held for the mutual exchange of know-how and expertize, and finally to maximize the potential of communication and dissemination activities.


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