7th International Conference on Social LCA


7th International Conference on Social LCA

The first Social LCA results for the Water2REturn project were presented with a poster at the 7th International Conference on Social LCA.

The event took place for the first time via online on June 15-17 and  was organized by the Swedish Life Cycle Center in Gothenburg. Despite the challenge, the organizers were able to offer a very efficient and constructive meeting, enabling exchange through online comments and discussion rooms were small groups of participants from all over the world could meet and share experiences.

Ten years since the first Social LCA meeting held in Copenhagen, the event is now a reference for all researchers, experts and practitioners in this field. This year, the conference focused on methods for social impacts, stakeholders interests and social interactions in product chains. These topics were investigated through the work of 212 authors, 60 contributions and the presentations of 4 engaging keynote speakers.

Water2REturn was presented with a poster illustrating the approach we are using to assess the social impacts within the project and the first results related to the conventional wastewater treatment, a crucial aspect to understand local risks and opportunities for the new technology.

The event has been a valuable opportunity for inspiration, exchanging know-how and good practices and keep up with the new developments in the methodology.

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