UECBV Annual General Meeting

Water2REturn at the UECBV Annual General Meeting

Last December the UECBV Annual General Meeting was celebrated in Brussels.

This meeting was an opportunity to discuss about the meat industry sectors, new trends and the innovative solution available on the market with all the UECBV members and some external stakeholders.

This year one session of the AGM was dedicated to the Water2Return project in order to share with all the UECBV members the main results achieved and to disseminate the main information about the project. Most of them had been already informed about the status of the project because they are part of the community. However, the external attendees knew this H2020 project for the first time.

On the one hand, a presentation about the main results of Water2Reurn was done by Marco de la Feld and after this an open discussion about the main problems related to wastewater treatment took place. All the participants showed their interest about the benefits in terms of environmental impacts, economics saving and local barriers. Furthermore, it was discussed about the operating solution to be adopt in Water2REturn project, in particular, in the small slaughterhouses.

On the other hand, there was a dedicated desk with a roll up and brochures in order to provide more specific information about the project. All the participants signed to be part to the W2R community and to be involved in the next survey to collect more specific information.

In addition, an interview about the relation on W2R and UECBV AGM was done by Marco de la Feld during the event and it will be soon available on the YouTube Channel.

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