Summary of the Water2REturn Workshop Spain


Summary of the Water2REturn Workshop Spain

Our general coordinator Bioazul organized, together with the collaboration of Kimitec, the Water2REturn Workshop Spain on September 30, 2021 within the framework of the Smart Agrifood fair in Malaga.

The aim of this workshop was to present the Water2REturn system and its application in the Matadero del Sur (Salteras, Seville) as well as the quality and efficacy of the W2R agronomic products.

To facilitate the participation of the attendees, the workshop was broadcast from the Water2REturn YouTube channel, obtaining around 40 attendees between face-to-face and remotely. Among the workshop participants were farmers, the irrigation community, consumer associations and workers from the agricultural sector.

The event was opened by Pilar Zapata, general coordinator of Water2REturn and project manager at Bioazul, who made a general introduction to the project highlighting all the work carried out at Water2REturn. The workshop continued with a virtual presentation by David Fernández, Head of the Circular Economy Planning Cabinet of the General Directorate of Environmental Quality and Climate Change of the Andalusia Government, who spoke about the circular economy strategy of the Andalusia Government.

After this intervention, it was the turn of Julio Berbel, Professor of the Department of Agrarian Economics, Finance and Accounting at the University of Córdoba and Director of the WEARE Research Group, who highlighted the change in the economic model in water management and presented examples of countries with extensive experience in water reuse in countries such as California and Israel. The following presentation was dedicated to introducing the technologies for the reuse of water and applications for the use of reclaimed water, which was given by Rafael Casielles, Bioazul's R & D & i project manager. Rafael also revealed some success stories of European projects in which Bioazul has worked in the field of water reuse, such as RichWater, SUWANU EUROPE or AquaSure. Then it was the turn of Ferrán Soldevila, Founder and manager of the company BioRegulatory Services SL, who spoke about the differences between biofertilizers and biopesticides and presented the legislative framework for agronomic products.

The first results of the investigations carried out for each of the agronomic products of Water2REturn were the subject of the next block. These results were presented by David Haigh, R&D project manager at Kimitec Group, who also confessed that these first studies point to the second agronomic product, from the sludge line, as the one with the greatest commercial potential. Then it was the turn of Beatrice Bortolozzo, co-founder and director of 2B Srl, who explained why the analysis of the life cycle and environmental and social impact of the Water2REturn system is being carried out and what these results are for later.

The workshop concluded with a round table dedicated to discussing the existing barriers for the use of reclaimed water and for biofertilizers and biostimulants. The round table was formed by Pedro Parias, General Sec. Of the Association of Irrigation Communities of Andalusia - FERAGUA; Margarita Jiménez, Coordinator of the Agrifood Area of ​​the GDR Valle del Guadalhorce; and Juan Moreno, Sec. Gral. of the Union of Consumers of Andalusia (UCAUCE). In this way, some key actors were represented, such as irrigators, farmers and consumers. Moderated by Pilar Zapata, some of the issues discussed were the key factors in choosing a fertilizer, the importance of sustainability for consumers, or how to promote the implementation of water reuse projects.

The workshop turned out to be highly productive as attendees were able to learn and share their doubts about the reuse of water and the use of fertilizers.


In addition to the workshop, Water2REturn had a stand at the Smart Agrifood fair, the leading event in the creation of innovative ecosystems within the European agri-food sector. During September 30 and October 1, the Bioazul team received all those interested in the Water2REturn system where they offered detailed information about the technology and some of the first results.

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