Water2Return, the only project focused on recovering resources from industrial wastewater at the Post-Conference Workshop 2 of IWARR 2019

The 3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference (IWARR 2019) was held in Venice on September 8-12. The overall theme of the conference was “Resource Recovery from Water – from concept to standard practice”. This event was organized by IWA (International Water Association) Resource Recovery from Water Cluster, in order to show the recent innovations designed and developed in different H2020 projects.

This conference represented an excellent opportunity to showcase these recent innovations, to learn and discuss the latest scientific innovations as well as practical experiences with full- scale implementation of innovative approaches enabling resource recovery from water.

IWARR 2019 was attended by more than 300 professionals and practitioners from around the globe across a range of disciplines including researchers, utilities, water professionals, technology providers, policy makers, business developers, consultants as well as market segments and industries outside of the water sector that an valorise the recovered resources.

The event not only offered a conference but also some side events such as workshops. One of them was the Post – Conference Workshop: H2020 water innovations for sustainable impacts in industries & utilities, held on September 11. This workshop was co-organized by H2020 projects SMART-Plant, Hydrousa, NextGen, Project-O and EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the European Commission).

In this workshop some advanced Horizon H2020 water projects, resulting from the Societal Challenge “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency, and Raw Materials” pitched their water circular economy solutions to clients (utilities/industries) and stakeholders. A selected representative clients and stakeholders formed a panel in order to interact and provide feedback to participants.


Some partners of Water2Return consortium attended  this workshop on water innovations such as Bioazul, Algen and 2B Srl. Antonia Lorenzo, from Bioazul, was the person in charge of pitching about Water2Returns innovations in the field of circular economy. It is relevant to highlight that Water2Return was the only project presented in this workshop within the category of recovering resources from industrial wastewater. The panelists showed interest on what type of technology is used in Water2REturn for water treatment, area needed for the system as well as the certification necessary for the use of biostimulants into organic agriculture.

Antonia Lorenzo was interviewed during the workshop and replied the questions about the project from the magazine Ricicla News. You can watch the interview clicking here.


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