AlgEn presents W2R at the Slovenian Water Days


AlgEn presents W2R at the Slovenian Water Days


AlgEn presented Water2REturn at the Slovenian Water Days on October 17-18 in Portorz (Slovenia).

The Slovenian Water Days Symposium brings together national scientists, experts, companies, policy makers, government and other professionals in the water management field to discuss the technological advances in water management, vision of water sources’  management, drinking water / wastewater treatment and purification processes as well as the human impact on the water environment.

The Dr. Maja Berden from AlgEn had an oral presentation of algal technologies in three EU projects:  Saltgae, Water2REturn and LIFE AlgaeCan. The subject was further discussed in the round table on the water treatment. The approach of the presented projects proved to be interesting to the various stakeholders who participated in the symposium.


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