Water2REturn Workshop Spain

Bioazul, general coordinator of Water2REturn (W2R) project, organises with the collaboration of Kimitec a Capacity Building Workshop in Malaga (Spain) on September 30th, 2021. The workshop will take place in the frame of Smart Agrifood Summit 2021, the industry-leading event for the creation of innovative ecosystems within the European agrifood sector.

The Water2REturn workshop will be targeted for farmers and final consumers sectors. The main objectives of this event are:

  • Raising awareness on W2R system and its first successful application at ‘Matadero del Sur’ slaughterhouse premises (Salteras, Seville, Spain).
  • Fostering and supporting the potential replication of W2R technologies at new slaughterhouses and/or meat processing industries’ premises.
  • Raising awareness on W2R agronomic products’ quality and efficiency.
  • Raising awareness on how the project is contributing to the sustainability and circularity of the sector.

Due to the restrictions being currently experienced because of COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop will have an hybrid nature, being organised in presential mode, buy being also broadcasted  live via Water2REturn YouTube channel, existing this way maximum flexibility to facilitate participation.

Several guest speakers, some of them selected from the project External Expert Advisory Board, will contribute to the discussion with tailored speeches of a sectorial approach. The main topics already included in the agenda are:

  • Water2REturn project: main concept, objectives, expected results.
  • Regional circular bioeconomy strategy.
  • Water economy.
  • Water reclamation technologies and solutions and reclaimed water applications.
  • Biofertilizers legislation.
  • Agronomic products: properties and efficiency.
  • Ecological footprint / social life cycle assessment.
  • Round table with consumers, farmers associations and irrigators on barriers and challenges for using reclaimed water and biofertilizers.

This event constitutes a great opportunity to engage stakeholders and collect their feedback, which is crucial for the market uptake of W2R technologies. For this purpose, a set of customised surveys for each of the stakeholders’ groups involved in the project has been developed. The workshop attendees will be kindly asked to fill them in with their inputs, suggestions and perceptions. Thanks to this precious piece of information, the consortium will be better equipped to strategically locate W2R solutions on the market.

Registration open! Click here.

Check out the workshop agenda.

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