Water2REturn Workshop Portugal


Water2REturn Workshop Portugal

Adventech, in representation of Water2Return consortium, is organizing a Capacity Building Workshop on September 9th, 2021, in the scope of Agroglobal, the largest Portuguese Agricultural Fair, in Valada do Ribatejo, Santarém.

The target group of this workshop will be farmers and consumers, to which the fair is designed. The main objectives of the workshop will be:

  • To present the Water2Return Project, its solution and its results;
  • To generate support and gather insight about the receptivity to W2R solution;
  • To raise awareness to the problematic of water scarcity and water reuse needs in Portugal in agriculture;
  • To raise awareness about circular economy and valorisation of residues.

The event will be held live in Business Centre 2 from 15:30 h and will count with the presence of guest speakers to develop on the matter in scope of the project.

The main topics included in the agenda are:

  • Water2Return Project: results, objectives and expected results
  • Biofertilizers in the scope of Water2Return
  • Water reuse in agriculture – Alentejo Case Study; in the scope of SUWANU project
  • Subproduct valorisation as environmental improvement and agricultural supply

Attendance is free of charge but registration is required in the following link: https://forms.gle/kze1ZNt49azWr1at7. All attendees will also be kindly asked to fill a small survey with inputs, suggestions and perceptions regarding the project and its results.

Besides the workshop, Water2Return will also be present in the fair from September 7th to 9th with a stand. This will allow an opportunity to further promote the project and its results, engage stakeholders and possible adopters and collect feedback regarding the W2R solution, application and commercialization.

We hope to see you there!

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