Water2REturn Workshop Belgium


Water2REturn Workshop Belgium

Water2Return consortium is glad to announce that on February 21, 2022, in cooperation with UECBV will hold a capacity building workshop addressed to slaughterhouses industry representatives.

The objectives of this format are to:

  • Generate support for operational applications of W2R technologies at new slaughterhouses’ premises.
  • Give insights on slaughter industry market.
  • Raise awareness on the legislative framework.
  • Raise awareness on how the project is contributing to the sustainability and circularity of the sector.
  • Introduce the “Matadero del Sur” case study

The event will be delivered in a hybrid formula to allow maximum flexibility in participation within the scope of the safety guidelines against the spread of COVID-19. (LINK)

Scheduled on the agenda there are the following topics:

  • Water2REturn presentation.
  • Analysis of the life cycle and environmental and social impact of the Water2REturn system.
  • Slaughter industry context, legislative framework and Matadero del Sur demo case.
  • Water2REturn questionnaires.

Check out the full agenda.

This event is an opportunity for us to engage stakeholders and collect their feedbacks, crucial to the market uptake of W2R technologies. To this purpose we developed questionnaires customised according to the different categories involved. Attendees will be kindly asked to fill them in with inputs, suggestions and perceptions.Thanks to this precious piece of information, we will be better equipped to strategically locate W2R solutions on the market.

This day, overall, is meant to be the 5th event to a series of regionally focused similar initiatives, where also other target groups (i.e. wastewater treatment industry, fertiliser industry) relevant to the context of W2R will be invited to join the discussion.

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