Water2REturn Final Conference


Water2REturn Final Conference

ELO and the rest of the partners of the Water2REturn consortium are glad to announce the Final Conference of the project will take place on the 21th of March 2022 from 10:00 to 13:00 CET during the Forum for the Future of Agriculture which is held every spring in Brussels and most recently online.

The purpose of the Forum is to stimulate open discussions on the future of European and world agriculture and assess what should and what can be achieved over time, attaching equal weight to two challenges: food security and environmental security.

The Water2REturn Final Conference will share the project outputs and have discussions on integrated nutrients recovery from wastewater, organic fertilizers, and biostimulant products.

This final event will allow a comprehensive presentation of project results. The conference structure will have interactive and engaging sessions and is aimed towards stakeholders from different fields (water industry, farmers, administrations at different levels, and academia). During this event, the following material will be disseminated: Policy recommendations, guidelines for use of the technology, capacity building material, etc. SMEs, and audiovisual material.

In order to flexibility the participation, the final conference will be online. You can register now here!


Monday, March 21, 2022 - 10:00 - 13:00 CET

10:00 Introduction of the Final Conference – Mr. Daniel Monteleone, ELO

10:05 Introduction to Water2REturn project – Ms. Pilar Zapata, Bioazul S.L.

10:20 Nutrients recovery and agronomic products manufacturing – Mr. David Haigh, Agoindustrial Kimitec SL

10:50 Environmental assessments – Ms. Gulgan Acar, 2B Srl.

11:20 Impact of an initiative like Water2REturn for industrial sector – Mr. Marco De La Feld, UECBV

11:50 Other nutrients recovery initiatives: FERTIMANURE project, Laia Llenas Argelaguet

12:20 Impact of an initiative like Water2REturn for the agricultural sector – Mr. Daniel Monteleone, ELO

12:45 Q&A and conclusion

13:00 Finish

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