Technical Meeting of Water2REturn


Technical Meeting of Water2REturn

Techincal Meeting

On April 28, the technical meeting of the project took place with all the partners involved in the construction of the W2R system in Matadero del Sur.

The meeting was attended by Bioazul, the University of Seville, the University of Cádiz, CENTA and Adventech with the aim of clarifying what work remained to be done in each of the lines of the Water2REturn site and thus taking advantage of the fact that all the partners were involved to make small adjustments between treatment lines.

Another aspect discussed was the protocol to be followed for the analysis and sampling to be carried out on each of the treatment lines, as well as the parameters to be measured.

Finally, the different partners were talking about what the future of the different treatment lines was going to be once the project was finished. In principle, work will be done so that the different lines remain in the slaughterhouse either for their use or for other projects. However, this decision is not finalized yet and will need to be negotiated.

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