Symposium on Microalgal Biotechnology in Agriculture 2018

Water2REturn at H2Orizon 2018
Water2Return at H2Orizon 2018
European Researcher's Night in Ljubljana
The European Researcher’s Night

Water2Return project was presented at the Symposium on Microalgal Biotechnology in Agriculture in Třeboň, Czech Republic

On September, 25-26 the Symposium on Microalgal Biotechnology in Agriculture was held in Třeboň (Czech Republic) where the Water2Return project was presented by the partners Algen and the University of Ljubljana.

The main objective of the conference was to bring together the research community who share a focus on using microalgal biotechnology in plant or soil treatment, in animal feed and in aquaculture, in waste water treatment and nutrient recycling and is developing microalgal technology – cultivation and downstream processing.

Maja Berden from Algen explained the recovery and recycling of nutrients about Water2REturn project and she also talked about how to turn wastewater into an added value - products for a circular economy in agriculture.

Lara Resman from the University of Ljubljana presented preliminary results of Water2Return project experiments on barley and maize growth pot tests using microalgae as biostimulant or biofertilizer in crop production.

Afterwards, all the attendees visited the Centre Algatech, where the opening ceremony of the algal applicative research lab occurred and the Institute of Microbiology and its labs and algae growing facilities were presented.

It was a very interesting symposium, where it shared a lot of information not only on microalgae cultivating but also many useful information on microalgae using as biostimulants in agriculture.