Summary of the Water2REturn Workshop Portugal


Summary of the Water2REturn Workshop Portugal

This September, from 7th to 9th, Adventech presented Water2Return project in Agroglobal Fair, the largest Professional Agricultural and Farming Fair in the Iberian Peninsula, with more than 500 stands and an estimated audience of 50000 people.  This fair occurred in Valada do Alentejo, in Santarém.

Adventech also organized one of the Capacity Building Workshops, aimed at Farmers and Consumers. The workshop happened at September 9th in the Business Center no. 2, at 14:30 h, and focused in the presentation of Water2Return and its results, especially its agronomic products. The event was held live. The workshop, moderated by Anabela Nogueira from Adventech, counted with the presence and presentations of Daniel Monteleone and Martin Fox, from ELO, that presented Water2Return system and results and the scope of Agronomic Products legislation in European Union.

Accompanying the members of the consortium, Adventech also welcomed the informative presentations of Diana Cordeiro, from FENAREG (Portuguese Irrigators Federation) and Cláudia Costa, from Food4Sustainability.

Diana presented Project SUWANU EUROPE's results regarding water scarcity in Europe and with focus in Alentejo region, with the presentation of very insightful resources regarding policy in European Union and investigation regarding new technologies for smart water use and reuse.

Cláudia presented the results of some F4S research projects, namely a sustainable agriculture demonstration project focusing on the optimization of agronomic practices to promote the efficient use of natural resources and their regeneration.

The workshop and stand allowed a broader dissemination within the farmers and consumers community, presenting WATER2RETURN system to its main potential adopters and beneficiaries.

You can watch the video summary of the workshop here.

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