Water2REturn system

First stakeholders summary
Water2REturn Water Line
Water line


Four intricated lines perform the Water2Return circle: the water line, where wastewater produced at the slaughterhouse ‘Matadero del Sur‘ (Salteras, Spain) is treated, producing a concentrate of nutrients (product #1) and sludge; the sludge line, where water line’s sludge is sanitised and fermented with Bacillus sp., producing a Bacillus biomass (product #2) and hydrolysed sludge;  the energy recovery module, where sludge line’s hydrolysed sludge is digested to produce energy (product #3) and release CO2; and the algae line, where energy recovery module’s released CO2 is captured to feed the microalgae under cultivation, producing an algal biomass (product #4), and water line’s treated water can be also used to fill in the algae ponds. This article focuses on the development of the water line, from source to end.

Evolution of the construction of Water2REturn system