Water2REturn Capacity Building Workshops Series

Water2Return consortium is glad to announce the launch of a series of Capacity Building Workshops starting from August, 2021. Each workshop we will organize will target a specific stakeholder group: slaughterhouse industry; farmers and final consumers; wastewater treatment industry; fertilizers industry.

We are highly looking forward to the participation of these categories’ representatives to our workshops. The objectives behind the different formats are to:

  • Generate support for applications of W2R technologies at new slaughterhouses’ premises.
  • Raise awareness on the quality and properties of W2R secondary products.
  • Raise awareness on how the project is contributing to the sustainability and circularity of the sector.
  • Create a market interest for W2R wastewater treatment solutions and agronomic products.

The events will be delivered in a hybrid formula to allow maximum flexibility in participation. Yet, during the workshops the audience will be given the chance to network, within the scope of the safety guidelines against the spread of COVID-19.

These events are an opportunity for us to engage stakeholders and collect their feedbacks, crucial to the market uptake of W2R technologies. To this purpose we developed surveys customised according to the different categories involved. Attendees will be kindly asked to fill them in with inputs, suggestions and perceptions. Thanks to this precious piece of information, we will be better equipped to strategically locate W2R solutions and products on the market.

The dates of the first workshops are already out:

  1. August 23, 2021, Slovenia.
  2. September 30, 2021, Spain.

The Advisory Board and several guest speakers will animate the discussion with tailored speeches of a sectorial approach. We will also provide, where logistically possible, operational demonstrations of W2R technologies.

Don’t miss out on any capacity building workshops update, stay tuned and follow Water2REturn website and social media where all the promotional material will be available!

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