7th General Meeting of Water2REturn

The 7th General Meeting of Water2return project took place via online on April 19th and 20th, 2021. This has been the first general meeting after the approval of the extension of the project that will finally be finalized in March 2022.

This event took place during two consecutive days:

April 19th. The first day of the meeting started with an overview of the current state of the demo site and a description of the current state of operation of each treatment line: wastewater treatment unit, sludge fermentation unit, energy recovery module and algae treatment unit. Afterwards the partners involved in these tasks held a round table on missing activities and next steps.

Other of the topics treated during the meting was the formulation of the agronomics products and the field test development.

The day finalized with a section dedicated to the dissemination activities that will take place during this year such as:

  • Water2REturn demonstration video.
  • Training workshops.
  • Capacity building.

April 20th. The stakeholder’s engagement session was the first session of the second day meeting. During this session, the regulatory and societal barriers for the use of recycled products were presented and the strategies to get more engagement from the stakeholders of the project. The implementation of the W2R business plan was one of the topics that were discussed, and the activities of the Horizon Results Booster were also introduced.

The second session was focused on the environmental, economic, social and risk assessments of the project such as the European Technical Verification (ETV) and the techno-economic assessment of the process.

The meeting finalized with discussion about the Initial plans for the demonstrator after the project ending.

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